2 Most Difficult Things About Being an Alternative Wedding Photographer

alternative wedding photographerEver heard someone say “the job of an alternative wedding photographer is easy! Anyone can do it”? Well, if that were the case, then you wouldn’t need to hire the services of a professional, now would you? Just like how you get a lawyer to advise you on certain legal issues and you entrust your finances to a banker, the job of a photographer is to safeguard your memories by recording them on camera.

You don’t see people talking about how anyone can take up the role of a lawyer overnight now do you? This requires a lot of practice and learning which is the case for a photographer. So, if you are thinking of taking up photography, reflect on the following 3 things and conclude on whether or not it is the job for you.

#1 Getting Started Is Not Easy

Thinking that photography only requires you to have a properly functioning camera and a passion for the art? That could not be further from the truth! Although having a passion for your job is good and you definitely need a high caliber camera, those are not the only things the role will demand from you.

To get started as a professional alternative wedding photographer, you will need perseverance, hard work and…. experience. Not everyone one is willing to test the fates and risk the turnout of their wedding images by hiring a beginner. As a result, getting your first job might take a while unless you have friends and family members that are willing to give you a try.

You might also gain relevant experience by serving as a secondary shooter for an already established professional. Going out for events with this professional will also give you the chance to network with guests you come across and hopefully get your first opportunity.

Don.t forget the fact that you are also going to be needing more than just a camera to go about the task of producing awe inspiring pictures. The picture taking is not the only thing you will need to do as the job of a photographer also extends to editing said pictures. You will need to purchase editing tools which are not cheap. The batteries, lenses, gear, hard drives and memory card are also essential requirements.

#2 You Have to Be a Jack of All Trades

Starting out in photography pretty much means you are still trying to get a proper hold of the business. You are trying to grasp a lot of knowledge to make sure you remain relevant and at the same time, you are trying to fetch in new clients, cover events, keeping tabs of your expenses, make sure that income for jobs you covered are coming in and also liaise with customers on the state of their pictures. Basically, you are just one person engaging in the roles of 5 other people.

That is, you are the marketer, customer service personnel, manager, secretary and accountant. You are wearing so many hats at once and sometimes, it can get tiring but the thought of making a name for yourself as an alternative wedding photographer.

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