5 Useful Wedding Photography Tips

The title says it all and we know you are going to love these tips. They will help you land on the right wedding photographers Surrey with less chance of regret.

1. Create a list of questions

Write up a list of things that you want to know from the photographers. We know there are a lot of sites suggesting various questions, some even ranging to hundreds of them. But we don’t recommend you do a full background check on the photographers.

Instead, pick out only questions that really find out their professionalism. There is no need to ask things like, for instance, their gears specifications or which university they graduated from. You can start by asking how long they have worked as a wedding photographer, or whether they have worked at the same venue.

2. Find a photographer that listens

It is never a wise step to rant in front of you as a photographer. Do not let the photographers lead you around. You need to find a photographer who truly wants to listen to you and know all the details of your wedding. This kind of photographer does a better job that follows your preferences.

There are professional photographers out there who lack the ability to listen to their clients. They end up working as how they see fit and capture things in their own perspective. Remember, you need to include your own perspective into the work as well. You need to find a photographer who cares to think about your perspective and opinions on the captured pictures.

3. Photo booth service!

If you are looking to have some more fun in your wedding party, the photo booth is one way to achieve that. It is not considered expensive but is a very entertaining addition to the party. Ask anyone who hates photo booths.

If you need a recommendation of wedding photographers Surrey who provide photo booth service as well, we can give you one. Do give a visit to www.captivephoto.co.uk/surrey-photo-booth-hire.

The photo booth that we have these days are very modern and come with many fancy features. They range from stickers to crazy props that you have probably experienced yourself before. Many of them come with a butler to help you with the usage, so you don’t have to worry about hiring additional manpower for the booth.

4. Plan everything early

From writing a guest list to ordering wedding bouquets, everything takes time. And remember that you have only one chance to hold this event in the best way ever. You need to set aside a lot of time throughout one or two years to be sure that you get the best vendors for the day. Don’t postpone the preparation and start now.

5. Take a cooldown moment

You will be stressed out days or weeks building up to the big day. There will be a lot of pressure to handle, nervousness to control and preparation like hiring the right wedding photographers Surrey to observe. Take a day or two off and spoil yourself. Go to the spa or make a mani-pedi appointment with a close friend. A happy bride and confident groom are the most important factors in your wedding.

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