7 Things About Wedding Photography Surrey You Didn’t Know

wedding photography SurreyAs a couple who had never taken care of wedding planning, there are a lot of firsts that you have to go through from testing wedding dresses to booking a wedding photography Surrey service. And sure enough, you must have done quite the research about them.

But here are 7 things that you didn’t know before and it’ll do good to take note of them while you look for a professional photographer.

Responsible for many things

A wedding photographer is responsible for many things in wedding photography from consultation, taking pictures, editing them, sending them to be printed and providing an online gallery for you. All that money you invested in wedding photography is really worth it if you think about how many time they dedicate to do their best for your wedding pictures.

Many don’t mean good

Some photographers brag about how many weddings they do every year to show that they are very used to it. But is that really a good thing? In order to do their best, these photographers have to set aside enough time to edit pictures, consult with potential clients and plan for every wedding. But without enough time, they won’t be able to do their best for you.

So if your photographer is bragging about that next time, ask him if he’s taking way too many above what he could handle.

Were they money-oriented?

A good wedding photographer won’t try to talk about negotiating after the first 5 minutes you meet. They want to listen to you, think about what they can do and discuss your wedding. Only after they know that they can help you will they offer you their packages. You might have already known as well if they put them up on their sites like wedding photography Surrey packages from http://www.mrshutterbugphotography.com.

Experience matters

You might have read some sites saying that experience is not everything because photography is more about art. It’s partly right that experience is not everything, but as you’ve known, they are responsible for many things. They need to get their rhythm up if they want to keep up with their schedule and make sure you get your pictures in time. Also, they know ways of handling matters and problems, unlike beginners.

You need more portfolios

The best ones are not always consistent in photography. Photographers need to have the right inspiration at the right place with the right people to get those masterpieces. To be frank, it doesn’t happen all the time and you won’t just get 1 or 2, but hundreds or maybe even thousands of pictures. See the overall work of the photographer.


Dealing with beginners in wedding photography? So long as he has the experience in shooting even as assistants of other professional wedding photographers, you can trust him already. Just check his portfolios and make sure you like his style.

Have fun!

Finally, after you spend so much time and effort, just enjoy your wedding day. It’s a party that you have prepared for months or even years ahead. You invested so much money in wedding photography Surrey and everything else; it wouldn’t make sense if you try to keep track of all your vendors and photographers all the time! Let them do what they do best.

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