Do’s and Don’t’s in Wedding Photography Yorkshire

wedding photography yorkshireIn wedding photography Yorkshire there is bound to be a lot of back and forth between the couple and the photographer on what the eventual output should be. During this back and forth, it is expected that both parties clearly state their stand to prevent future problems and that is why it is often advised that a mutually beneficial contract be signed by both parties before the cooperation starts. However, over the course of the consultation before the wedding and the actual coverage of the wedding by the photographer the following are expected do’s and dont’s that both parties should abide by.

  • Carry each other along

It is expected that the couple will want to have certain pictures in their wedding album and to ensure that this happens, it is advised the couple inform the photographer. In cases like this, both parties ought to sit down and discuss the shot list of the wedding. A shot list is typically a list of pictures the couple wants included in their album. The photographer generally provides input and how achievable the expectations are and how he intends to achieve them according to the requirements set by the couple. In this case, both parties have to willingly collaborate.

There have been instances where couples expected the photographer to automatically know what they want and the photographer on the other hand prepares a shot list without the input of the couple. This should not be the case seeing as both parties are responsible for the outcome of the images.

  • Do not make changes with notice to the other party

For couples, you already informed the photographer that the wedding will take place in a certain venue in Yorkshire hence the hiring of wedding photography Yorkshire. But, due to unforeseen circumstances, the wedding is now being held outside Yorkshire. Make sure you inform the photographer ahead of time. Most photographers are not open to traveling as that is an added cost on its own. Unless you are willing to pay extra for this service so do not expect the photographer to be willing to tag along based on the former agreement.

Also, for photographers, if you feel that a certain style of photography demanded by the couple will not work well with their theme, do not change the style at you own will. Ensure you inform the couple of the reasons why they ought to try out another style. You do not want to be held liable for any displeasure the couple feels for the pictures you take due to the change of style without their knowledge.

  • Always communicate

The key to a successful partnership is communication. When both parties in mutually beneficial arrangement open the lines of communication to each other, it becomes easier to achieve the set purpose of the arrangement. In terms of communication, both parties need to clearly state out what they expect and how they hope the other party can help in achieving it. If both parties know where they stand, cooperation becomes a lot easier.

Visit Boho Chic Weddings to find out more about the do’s and don’ts in Wedding Photography Yorkshire.

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Run Out of Ideas In Your Jobs as Grand Rapids Photographers?

Grand Rapids photographersFor Grand Rapids Photographers, there is never truly a lack of photography subjects. While your job may have come to a stalemate, you really just need a bit of inspiration to get you back up on your feet. There are many places around Grand Rapids to photograph.

If you are bored or tired of the same old photo stops and routines, then here is a list of places you should stop by. There may be a photo or two waiting to be taken that you hadn’t thought of yet.

  • Brandford Nature Center

Nature is always an ideal subject, and this place is run by it. If you follow their guidelines and policies for photographers, then they will have no problems with letting you take a few photos. Or however many you want, really, especially if you capture their best and finest qualities.

  • Ada Covered Bridge

This bridges would be an ideal spot for a pose or two. The scenery and overhangs could be ideal for any image your wide imagination and vast inspiration can come up with.

  • Downtown Rockford

This shopping district is unique in itself, leaving a heart-felt impression in your photo and your subjects. Capturing the natural everyday life and on-goings at this district is certain to spike some amount of imagination in any viewer.

  • Fallasburg Park

Any park is a good place for photography. Some photographers agree that more greenery is better, but it is always a matter of preference. Nature is more than just flowers and grass, after all. The river here is a prime example, and will add a lovely touch to any scene you wish to create, or even just capture as it happens.

  • Warren Townsend Park

Scenic and easy to reach, Townsend is ideal for pine themed pictures. It is, after all, a pine plantation. It should be featured, especially considering how well taken care of these beautiful trees are.

  • Spring Groves Park

Tall trees for 16 acres, a natural area with amazing spring flowers and equally beautiful winter scenery, a trellis made for wedding ceremonies… this is an ideal event park, which makes it even more ideal for the photographer.

  • Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Another Park? Yes! When it comes to Grand Rapids photographers, parks are an ideal setting. This place is renowned for its sculpture and landscapes, which makes it more than perfectly ideal for any photo. Whether you decide to have some models pose or just take some pictures of the landscaping, these images will undoubtedly turn out stunningly.

  • Provin Trails

Yes, even hiking trails contain great photo content. If you haven’t yet, give them a try!

  • Newaygo State Park

Yes, yet another park. However, this one doubles as a campground. It features Hardy Dam Pond, which is a beautiful sight for any lens.

  • Grand Ravines

The name is self-explanatory, but the Grand Ravines is more than meets the eye. They will prove their own beauty to any camera.

  • Wittenbach Wege Center

Every bit of scenery here is worth placing a camera in front of. Just look around here, and I guarantee you will find something.

If you’re among the Grand Rapids Photographers, please check out more possibilities at

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7 Things About Wedding Photography Surrey You Didn’t Know

wedding photography SurreyAs a couple who had never taken care of wedding planning, there are a lot of firsts that you have to go through from testing wedding dresses to booking a wedding photography Surrey service. And sure enough, you must have done quite the research about them.

But here are 7 things that you didn’t know before and it’ll do good to take note of them while you look for a professional photographer.

Responsible for many things

A wedding photographer is responsible for many things in wedding photography from consultation, taking pictures, editing them, sending them to be printed and providing an online gallery for you. All that money you invested in wedding photography is really worth it if you think about how many time they dedicate to do their best for your wedding pictures.

Many don’t mean good

Some photographers brag about how many weddings they do every year to show that they are very used to it. But is that really a good thing? In order to do their best, these photographers have to set aside enough time to edit pictures, consult with potential clients and plan for every wedding. But without enough time, they won’t be able to do their best for you.

So if your photographer is bragging about that next time, ask him if he’s taking way too many above what he could handle.

Were they money-oriented?

A good wedding photographer won’t try to talk about negotiating after the first 5 minutes you meet. They want to listen to you, think about what they can do and discuss your wedding. Only after they know that they can help you will they offer you their packages. You might have already known as well if they put them up on their sites like wedding photography Surrey packages from

Experience matters

You might have read some sites saying that experience is not everything because photography is more about art. It’s partly right that experience is not everything, but as you’ve known, they are responsible for many things. They need to get their rhythm up if they want to keep up with their schedule and make sure you get your pictures in time. Also, they know ways of handling matters and problems, unlike beginners.

You need more portfolios

The best ones are not always consistent in photography. Photographers need to have the right inspiration at the right place with the right people to get those masterpieces. To be frank, it doesn’t happen all the time and you won’t just get 1 or 2, but hundreds or maybe even thousands of pictures. See the overall work of the photographer.


Dealing with beginners in wedding photography? So long as he has the experience in shooting even as assistants of other professional wedding photographers, you can trust him already. Just check his portfolios and make sure you like his style.

Have fun!

Finally, after you spend so much time and effort, just enjoy your wedding day. It’s a party that you have prepared for months or even years ahead. You invested so much money in wedding photography Surrey and everything else; it wouldn’t make sense if you try to keep track of all your vendors and photographers all the time! Let them do what they do best.

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3 Things to Confirm Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer Lincoln

wedding photographer LincolnThere is a sea of options as far as wedding photographer Lincoln has to offer is concerned. To tie the knots in a beautiful place like Lincolnshire, you are definitely in the right place. However, it is quite difficult to choose the perfect fit of a wedding photographer, but there are three crucial things that you need to know prior to making an informed decision. It is indeed a huge assessment to make, since there is absolutely no rehearsal or do-over of your wedding day. The photographs needs to be all perfect, and it all starts with hiring the best and right wedding photographer for you and your fiancé to skillfully and passionately document your wedding day.

Check the quality and price of the camera, lens and lighting

Before you finally decide to choose one wedding photographer after you shopped among the many choices in the area, you need to check the quality and cost of their photography equipment. A wedding photographer who deeply loves photography and is completely devoted in capturing magnificent photographs will invest largely in the cameras, lenses, and lighting. There is no other way to create fascinatingly captivating photos than using the latest high quality cameras and accessories. Be wary of a photographer who uses cheap, affordable, and low quality devices. A passionate wedding photographer will spend money on expensive equipment to make sure that their photos will come out more than excellent.

Gauge the professionalism of the wedding photographer

Every wedding photographer Lincoln can produce will claim to be professionals in their line of work. However, you need to be able to tell the truth from the lie. Professional wedding photographers are insured, and they have a licensed office in Lincolnshire. They will not provide you with a photography quote with hidden charges, but will be very upfront and transparent with you. A great wedding photographer is technically savvy with both digital and film, and has a wide experience in traditional, classic, and photojournalistic photography and can excel in all three. The glowing recommendations will not only be just three or five, but more than that, all positive reviews from former and existing clients in their websites and social media accounts. Most of all, the right wedding photographer for you is the one who is professional enough to have a back-up plan in case that there are emergencies during your wedding.

Evaluate your connection with the photographer

It is incredibly important that you have a bond and emotional connection with your wedding photographer. No matter how expensive the cameras are, if you do not have a genuine friendship with the wedding photographer, and if your family and guests do not feel at ease with the photographer, your wedding photos will come out with forced smiles and unattached emotions in the images. The rapport that the wedding photographer Lincoln is proud of can build with you is true and lasting, and when you have created a bond that is founded with the same love for photography and capturing special wedding moments that will only happen once in your lifetime, you’ll know you found the right wedding photographer in Symply Photography.

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2 Most Difficult Things About Being an Alternative Wedding Photographer

alternative wedding photographerEver heard someone say “the job of an alternative wedding photographer is easy! Anyone can do it”? Well, if that were the case, then you wouldn’t need to hire the services of a professional, now would you? Just like how you get a lawyer to advise you on certain legal issues and you entrust your finances to a banker, the job of a photographer is to safeguard your memories by recording them on camera.

You don’t see people talking about how anyone can take up the role of a lawyer overnight now do you? This requires a lot of practice and learning which is the case for a photographer. So, if you are thinking of taking up photography, reflect on the following 3 things and conclude on whether or not it is the job for you.

#1 Getting Started Is Not Easy

Thinking that photography only requires you to have a properly functioning camera and a passion for the art? That could not be further from the truth! Although having a passion for your job is good and you definitely need a high caliber camera, those are not the only things the role will demand from you.

To get started as a professional alternative wedding photographer, you will need perseverance, hard work and…. experience. Not everyone one is willing to test the fates and risk the turnout of their wedding images by hiring a beginner. As a result, getting your first job might take a while unless you have friends and family members that are willing to give you a try.

You might also gain relevant experience by serving as a secondary shooter for an already established professional. Going out for events with this professional will also give you the chance to network with guests you come across and hopefully get your first opportunity.

Don.t forget the fact that you are also going to be needing more than just a camera to go about the task of producing awe inspiring pictures. The picture taking is not the only thing you will need to do as the job of a photographer also extends to editing said pictures. You will need to purchase editing tools which are not cheap. The batteries, lenses, gear, hard drives and memory card are also essential requirements.

#2 You Have to Be a Jack of All Trades

Starting out in photography pretty much means you are still trying to get a proper hold of the business. You are trying to grasp a lot of knowledge to make sure you remain relevant and at the same time, you are trying to fetch in new clients, cover events, keeping tabs of your expenses, make sure that income for jobs you covered are coming in and also liaise with customers on the state of their pictures. Basically, you are just one person engaging in the roles of 5 other people.

That is, you are the marketer, customer service personnel, manager, secretary and accountant. You are wearing so many hats at once and sometimes, it can get tiring but the thought of making a name for yourself as an alternative wedding photographer.

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How to Shoot in a Wedding Reception

Derby wedding photographerAfter the ceremony, the evening does not end until every party till the last drop. The wedding reception starts with the beautiful bride and handsome groom slice the cake elegantly. Everyone enjoys their meals and the performances that have been prepared.

First dance

Afterward, the first dance moment. The most romantic dance of the day filled with friends both encouraging and embarrassing the couple.

Throughout this though, a Derby wedding photographer faces a lot of problems trying to get the right picture. It starts from where the best position is to have the pictures taken down to how to best light the people and room up. Let’s first start with the performances.

A wedding photographer must be prepared by having the itinerary beforehand. Ask your client if you were not given one the day before the wedding. You want to know what is going to happen and on the wedding day, you have to enter the reception hall earlier than everyone else. You need to imagine how the shows will be carried out and where the couple will sit.

Next, you place extra lighting equipment where necessary. If the room is going to be dark and you know that the show will go on until late at night, you need to be able to see things when you need to. For example, you want to take pictures of the couple enjoying their meal and you want it to be bright. Yet, the flash should not disturb other guests and you have to use a diffuser.

You can check out some pictures done by a Derby wedding photographer from It is not easy but having a reference can help you imagine how to best capture these moments.

Remember that the best picture isn’t always the one lit bright. It can be a romantic silhouette of the people that you see or just a beautiful bokeh of the party. It also depends on how the party is going to be like and that is why we say that you need to know the itinerary.

Next is your own dinner. During the time that you eat, you won’t be able to take pictures and to make it as effective as possible, ensure that your seat is not far from the party. Tell your clients that you need to be close to jump into action when necessary. It is not the food that matters anyway, but your position. Make sure you cut your eating time short, so you can move on and take pictures again.

You need to keep an eye on the couple as they walk around the party hall and mingle with others.

You follow them, but you don’t make them feel uncomfortable because of that. Remember to remain discreet about it and mute your shutter sound if possible.

During the process, also pay attention to the family members of the couple. A lot of couples feel like they get too few pictures of their parents as everyone forgets about it. A professional Derby wedding photographer must pay attention to things like this as well.

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5 Useful Wedding Photography Tips

The title says it all and we know you are going to love these tips. They will help you land on the right wedding photographers Surrey with less chance of regret.

1. Create a list of questions

Write up a list of things that you want to know from the photographers. We know there are a lot of sites suggesting various questions, some even ranging to hundreds of them. But we don’t recommend you do a full background check on the photographers.

Instead, pick out only questions that really find out their professionalism. There is no need to ask things like, for instance, their gears specifications or which university they graduated from. You can start by asking how long they have worked as a wedding photographer, or whether they have worked at the same venue.

2. Find a photographer that listens

It is never a wise step to rant in front of you as a photographer. Do not let the photographers lead you around. You need to find a photographer who truly wants to listen to you and know all the details of your wedding. This kind of photographer does a better job that follows your preferences.

There are professional photographers out there who lack the ability to listen to their clients. They end up working as how they see fit and capture things in their own perspective. Remember, you need to include your own perspective into the work as well. You need to find a photographer who cares to think about your perspective and opinions on the captured pictures.

3. Photo booth service!

If you are looking to have some more fun in your wedding party, the photo booth is one way to achieve that. It is not considered expensive but is a very entertaining addition to the party. Ask anyone who hates photo booths.

If you need a recommendation of wedding photographers Surrey who provide photo booth service as well, we can give you one. Do give a visit to

The photo booth that we have these days are very modern and come with many fancy features. They range from stickers to crazy props that you have probably experienced yourself before. Many of them come with a butler to help you with the usage, so you don’t have to worry about hiring additional manpower for the booth.

4. Plan everything early

From writing a guest list to ordering wedding bouquets, everything takes time. And remember that you have only one chance to hold this event in the best way ever. You need to set aside a lot of time throughout one or two years to be sure that you get the best vendors for the day. Don’t postpone the preparation and start now.

5. Take a cooldown moment

You will be stressed out days or weeks building up to the big day. There will be a lot of pressure to handle, nervousness to control and preparation like hiring the right wedding photographers Surrey to observe. Take a day or two off and spoil yourself. Go to the spa or make a mani-pedi appointment with a close friend. A happy bride and confident groom are the most important factors in your wedding.

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Photography: What Makes That Person Suitable

asian wedding photographyWhen you look at portfolios and interview photographers, all of them looked good that you think it’s okay to just go with anyone. However, for your Asian wedding photography to proceed successfully, you need to make sure that your photographer has the experience and understanding of it.

Experience or Asian

Asian culture is a different culture compared to westerns. There are a lot of things that you know westerns usually don’t understand. For example, some taboos should not be done during a marriage procession. Even in taking pictures, a certain number, color or composition of it should be paid attention to.

You don’t have the liberty to explain all this to your photographer and other vendors. There are a lot of preparations you need to pay attention to, so it’s best to find someone who already understands or is also an Asian.

Photography skills

A photographer who’s also gone into multiple competitions and training is also better. Such person is more likely to always update his skills and the newest trend. The style of a photographer from 5 years ago is different to now. From camera technology to editing tools, you’d only want the best. Usually, photographers will put up their certificates on their website or in the studio when you come to visit.

Portfolios are also some things you can judge his skills from. It’s the more obvious choice to use when you want to see if the photographer is good. However, it can be a bit tricky as most photographers put up their best pictures. You need to have them show you their other works to judge more fairly.

But if we can say something, Asian wedding photography by is one of the best. It’s because they have been maintaining their work quality and what you see in their portfolios is common.


It’s important for the photographer to not only be skilled in photography but also know how to become a friend for you. You will be having him as a photographer for a whole day and many other guests will also be there. Your photographer will be taking a lot of pictures of people he first saw.

Your parents also need to be able to meet them before the wedding day. Preferably, invited on the rehearsal day. But before that, you need to confirm that you like his company and won’t be troubled to have this person take hundreds and even thousands of your pictures on that day.

This should also be true when you consult with them. A good photographer is someone who will try his best to help the clients by providing reassurance, solutions, and advice. Even though he isn’t an expert in wedding coordination, there might little tips and hints he can give for you. There are also experiences of a photographer that saved his client when the booth never showed up.


A photographer that is confident when talking to you is easier to put trusts in. Thus, you are less likely to try to control him. It also shows he knows what he’s doing and you don’t have to worry that much.

Asian wedding photography is quite the niche in the photography area, but the right person will get you the right pictures.

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Destination Wedding 101: Starters

York wedding photographerWhen you and your partner have committed to proceeding with marriage, nothing is more exciting than preparing for your dream wedding. As for some couples, a destination wedding is their very goal. Well, obviously, this means that there are more things one have to prepare and know before proceeding to a destination wedding, such as hiring the right York wedding photographer.

As some of you who are planning for one can agree, you are not sure where to start and would wish for someone to tell you the things you should pay attention to.

Know the regulations

Getting married in a different country means that you have to understand the rules and regulations that are included. Visas, length of stay, to limitations and requirements should be understood clearly.

Some countries need you to stay for a certain period of time before allowing you to proceed with the marriage. Consulting with local vendors and coordinators will help a lot in this process.

Calculate your budget

After knowing the regulations, it’s time to arrange the budget. Since having to stay longer means that you have to spend more on accommodation, it’s good to include this into your consideration.

Instead of trying to find vendors yourself, refer to a professional coordinator to help you find capable vendors. No one knows better than those who’ve worked with those people. Don’t forget about your wedding photographer. If you wish to hire a trusted one that lives within your country, remember that you also have to pay their travel fee.

If you’re hiring someone from your destination, you’ll save travel fee, but will have to print the album out separately. Moreover, the quality of pictures won’t be the same as a York wedding photographer.

If you need someone who does a destination wedding, check out

Know the venue

Once you’ve decided on the venue, time to decide on who to invite and how to help them with what to expect. Destination wedding in tropical islands would mean that your guests have to wear the comfortable outfit and expect hot weather.

As for wedding done in a hotel in other countries, you’d want to remind them that the wedding is going to be held in a room with aircon, so don’t let them freeze to death.

By helping your guests to dress correctly, you know that you are not planning to fail. A successful party depends on how much everyone is enjoying themselves, after all.

Plan as early as possible

As soon as possible, decide where the place will be. Most probably, you already have somewhere in your mind. So, the next step is to find the venue.

Considering the fact that you cannot visit the place as many time as you want, you’d do well to plan at least one to two years before.

Plan before the visit

Map out which venue you want to visit the first Plan it properly and make sure that you follow the plan accordingly on your trip.

Frequent Visit

As often as possible, do trips to the country and scout for available venues, or if you have decided on one, discussions with vendors, such as your York wedding photographer and your coordinator.

On your final visit, days before the wedding, always observe the readiness of the venue.

But when the party starts, enjoy yourself to the fullest! Enjoy the wedding that both of you had always dreamt about!

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Why Fine Art Wedding Photography is for You

fine art wedding photographyThere are a lot of wedding photography style, such as reportage, formal, and fine art wedding photography. Each of us, although we’re not that much into art, has a preference and our own perspective in deciding what is ‘beautiful’. Our brain works differently.

Below, we’ll be focusing on the reasons why you should search for a photographer that focuses on fine art for your wedding. None top over the others, but for you, this will help you get the wedding pictures that you’ll really want.

What it is

First, we’d like you to understand what fine art is. It’s basically a type of photography that focuses on the visual beauty of things. So, if a wedding photographer does fine art style of taking pictures of things, that means she focuses on the beauty of the moment and takes it from the best angle possible.

Lots of people find fine art pictures are gorgeous and even mesmerizing. If you want to make your friends jealous, fine art is very powerful to do that.

Gorgeous and mesmerizing

That’s right, the strongest point of fine art is that it focuses on the beauty of the moment and immortalizing that moment into the picture. It’s not an easy thing to do, but if you find one that is capable to pull this off, you’re in great hands.

Most fine art pictures are worthy to be made as wallpapers and printed and put in a huge frame. You’d love to hang them in your living room.


Fine art wedding photography by is a great example. Julia does fine art at a level that couples can definitely relate to. If you Google for fine art wedding photography, you’ll see a lot of weird pictures that you’ll find a hard time understanding.

With wedding pictures though, the ‘sophisticated’ tone has to be brought down. So, photographers will mostly focus on the beauty of the moment, instead of trying to fix couple into a pose that photographers like.

You’ll notice there will be a lot of smiles and awkward laughter in your pictures because that single moment of just you and your partner is too beautiful to miss. That’s the kind of pictures you’ll see.

Integrate with reportage

Fine art wedding photography can still be integrated with reportage style pictures. It’s not impossible at all. Fine art focuses on the beauty, while reportage focuses on the candid and flow of time.

Reportage is a style of photography that focuses on capturing things according to the flow of time to tell a story. So, if your photographer is able to do fine art wedding photography and still stick with capturing things to complete the storyline, you will definitely love how your beautiful wedding album doesn’t simply show the beauty but also the story of the wedding.

Most photographers do this and it’s not a hard thing to do if your photographer is professional. Fine art in itself requires much skill from the photographer to be as unobtrusive to the wedding as possible. So, if beauty is something you really prioritize, fine art is a great choice for you.

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List of Q&A for Your Wedding Photographer Dundee

wedding photographer DundeeThe interview session is often the most important part in deciding whether or not you should hire this person as your wedding photographer Dundee. While each couple will probably have a different priority that they seek in their photographer, these are the questions that you ultimately would want your photographer to answer properly.

You can bookmark this page and come back to it when you are ready to interview your photographer. Keep a note on how each photographer answered your question. It does not have to be detailed, just the important points on their package, how they will work, or why they are priced the way they are.

About Themselves

How experienced are you? Rather than asking about their experience, ask about the limit of their experience. The purpose of this question to find out the most challenging wedding they have ever faced. Knowing that your wedding photographer has faced problems that are worse than what can possibly happen at yours will mean that nothing major shall hinder your wedding pictures.

How long have you done photography (have you worked in another type of photography before)? Get to know the background of your wedding photographer. Most typically mentioned about their background that they’re About me page on their websites. However, these are often unclear and hearing it from them directly can tell you more. Regardless, It’s important that they tell you if they are specialized in wedding photography by now or still work in the various line of photography.

Having an experience in working in different style and type of photography gives them more flexibility in capturing the moment. You are more likely to see a wide variety of photographs from your wedding pictures. An example of this is, a wedding photographer Dundee who also takes family and commercial pictures.

How about your schedule? How many weddings do you usually handle? There are photographers who found themselves unable to reject any job offer. They end up trying to do everything and by then, are trying to rush everything. Rushing means that they do not go over quality-check and you’ll get whatever that was given. Try to avoid this kind of photographer.

Remember that your wedding pictures are going to last real long, so you need someone that is determined to put his all into you and your partner.

About you

And that’s how I’d like my wedding to be. What do you think about it? It’s important for your wedding photographer Dundee to find himself able to fit into the theme you’ve selected. Not all photographers can shoot in just about any kind of wedding parties.

On the other hand, this question leaves a lot of possibilities, from them offering you their various packages to simple feedbacks of agreeing to you. A great photographer will instead, try to ask out more questions from you to get a clearer image of the party. They will also try to get to know more about you in order to sync with your vision. That’s the best way to be able to take wedding pictures that you will love.

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Beginner Steps for Wedding Photographers

San Francisco wedding photographerThey say that the starting point is the hardest of all. That is true if you don’t have the right guides! But since you came here, you’ve found yourself a reliable light to follow. We will be covering the necessary steps for beginners in photographers to become experts like any San Francisco wedding photographer.

Get some experiences

Gaining the necessary experience will take quite some time and effort from you. The easiest way would be to work as an assistant for other professional photographers. As you do this, learn how a professional San Francisco wedding photographer works to capture wedding pictures.

Learning by shooting a close relative’s wedding is also a good way to gain experience and portfolios at the same time. This is almost the case with most photographers who want to start out. Since people will only want to hire you when they know that at least you’ve had an experience with it firsthand.

Yeah, you haven’t become a wedding photographer per se, but this is a necessary pre-step to make sure that you can enter the business smoothly.

Get the right gear for you

The first step into the job is to know the kind of equipment you need to win the battle. It’s good to check out what works for others, but the best thing is to know that you are comfortable with it and that it delivers the quality you need.

Things you’ll need are:

  • Two cameras (one for back up) with high-quality pictures
  • Lenses (having both zoom and prime is the ideal set)
  • Batteries (always have stocks ready)
  • High-quality memory cards (always have stocks ready)
  • On-camera flash
  • Speedlight
  • Firm tripod
  • Umbrellas (in case of rainy weather)
  • Hood (to protect lenses against glares)

Get some questions prepared for your first consultation

If you’re nervous, that’s totally normal. The first time always brings us to a lot of questions to ourselves. The way you’re asking yourself, do that to your customers, too. In fact, it’s normal that you are asking questions to your clients. That means you want to know more about them and make sure that you are able to deliver the best.

Clients want to feel like the people the hire care about them personally. This is because photographs are things that require feelings and creativity. That means it depends on how the photographer feels and what he/she knows about the subjects being photographed.

Learn about your clients

Similar to asking questions, you can say that these two things are intertwined. Lots of people are shy and uncomfortable when they have their pictures taken by people they are not exactly familiar with. Same goes for the family members and other important guests that will attend the party. So, try to get close to them before the party or the ceremony. This will prevent surprised looks and disturbed guests because your shutter suddenly shut or if you flashed on them.

Creating a positive experience throughout your work will help clients put a few good words on you. Early in the business, the best marketing method you can use is Word-of-mouth from your first clients.

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Wedding Photography: Is it Too Expensive?

wedding photographers KentIt is too often that couples decide on choosing their wedding photographer based on the price. Some deluded themselves into thinking that price means better quality, while others are fixated on getting the cheapest possible vendors.

All in all, is wedding photography overpriced? Their job is to only snap pictures, do a little editing and print them out for us. You could’ve saved up more than thousands of Euros by renting a cheaper photographer.

Here’s what a professional wedding photographer Kent as well as brides have to say about using cheap and expensive photographers.

There’s a catch

When someone is selling you something at a much cheaper price, you know there’s a catch. There could be a drop in quality in materials, lack of functionality, poor design or simply no customer service and support team to help you deal with future problems.

The same thing applies to wedding photography. Everyone that operates business wishes to earn as much as they can, but when they are offering you a cheaper price, there’s something that they don’t have. It can be poor wedding album design or materials, lack of experience, fewer pictures, or low-quality pictures.

You can’t buy experience

Not all experienced photographers are better than newbies, but most of the time, isn’t that the case? These people have shot hundreds of wedding parties compared to those who have zero things to talk about what they had done.

When a wedding photographer can prove to you how he took care of unfortunate conditions and turned them into creative pictures, won’t trust him more? Your wedding day happens only once for a day and there’s no other chance to rewind it back!

Photographers spend a lot of time for you

Working as a photographer isn’t as easy as taking pictures. They have to spend a lot of time connecting and networking. They also need to get to know their clients as well as the locations where they’ll be shooting.

And then there are the long hours of editing and printing the pictures and designing the bespoke album for you. All of these require time and they are dedicated to ensuring the best and most memorable wedding album for you. Behind the scene, your photographer spends so much more time that you could imagine.

Quality guaranteed

You know those wedding photographers Kent who are just more renowned compared to others. Whenever their names are mentioned, you imagine splendid images, beautiful pictures and romantic couples in the frame. This means, whoever that hire them will have more than satisfying wedding album. How much would you pay for such guarantee?

Beginners, nameless, and money-oriented photographers, on the other hand focus on the number of pictures taken. They may not necessarily focus on how to capture great images and simply document your wedding. They will rely on the beautiful venue and will be unable to be creative when things go wrong.

They even shamelessly tell others that they are in it for the money and don’t really care about having to spend extra time on your wedding. Of course, they won’t say this in your face.

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