What A Wedding Photographer Should Know About Blogging

Take the time to get the vendor list together for your blog.

wedding photographyAs a wedding photographer, this is your chance to network out to the other people in the wedding service industry. The vendor list is basically just a list of the names of all of the wedding service providers that you have worked with in the wedding event. You should put in the live links that lead right up to their blogs as well on the side. This is a little bit of effort that a lot of people will really be able to appreciate. Surprisingly enough for you, people will be quite excited to return the favor for you and feature you as well in their blogs. Go around during the wedding. Just walk up to people and introduce yourself briefly. Exchange contact info or business cards and catalog all of the info that you have managed to collect. This will make things so much easier for you to get all of their info together. If the couple hired a wedding planner for the event, it will save you so much more time if you just talk to the wedding planner instead because they most likely have all of the wedding service providers’ info. Send them an email once you have posted your blog up telling them that they are part of the feature. They will most likely promote you in their pages as well. You are basically putting in the first piece of the domino and things will just start to roll from there.

Announce your new blog post on your social media accounts.

It will help improve your online presence as a wedding photographer. Social media continues to be a bit of an underrated marketing platform that people tend to more or less are taking for granted and you should not be making this kind of mistake. Work on your social media presence and take things a day at a time. Your hard work will get to pay off in the long run and this is something that will really help give you the boost that you need.

Work on your image layout.

Every wedding photographer should know how to lay out his images correctly. Learn the mechanics of a professional looking image layout. There are a lot of online courses as well as wedding photography magazines and blogs that might teach you a thing or two about the right way for you to lay your images out. There are some images that deserve to be posted in full size while there are some that don’t. Take note of the little things because they will eventually pay off for you.

Tag your images included in your blog as a wedding photographer.

Put in the extra amount of effort to really tag the images that you post so that Google will be able to find a way to index your images so that people looking up searches that are more or less similar to your tags will be able to find your blog at the end of the day.

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Shortcuts In Wedding Photography

Make sure that you also shine a light on the older members of the family for your wedding photography project.

wedding photographyThe older members of the family are usually highly valued and respected. The bride and groom will really be able to appreciate the fact that you took the time to feature them in the images that you are able to take during the wedding photography project. Figure out who the important older members of the family are and try to see how they are related to the couple who are being wed. try to find out as much as you can about them and try to make sure that you are able to place them well especially if you are trying to take group photos in the process. This is something that is usually being taken for granted a lot and is something that you should definitely not make the mistake of forgetting.

Learn about natural light and how to make it work for your wedding photography shoot.

Natural light interacts differently with a lot of things. It can vary greatly depending on the time of the day, depending on the dust elements, the angle, the skin color of the people that you are taking photos of, and so on and so forth. The more that you know about it, the better it will work out for you in the process. Try to observe natural light in your everyday life and try to learn as much as you can about it. Practice every day and bring your camera with you every day, even during the days wherein you “just don’t feel like it”. Natural light, as the name suggests, occurs naturally and for as long as you have all of the technical aspects down pat, you should be in a pretty good place to start off with it.

Try to know how you should dress up for the wedding photography event.

Weddings are formal events and if you are covering them, you will need to be able to blend in without attracting too much attention to yourself. After all, you are but a keen observer equipped with high quality photography gear. Go for neutral colors and go for a look that is sleek and clean. You need to look decent and business-like. The perfect kind of outfit to go for would be business casual. Neutral colors, blacks, whites, grays, and dark blues should work just fine for you and for the look that you are going for at the end of the day. Business casual outfits are also pretty easy to bring together. All it really takes is for you to go for basic pieces that you most likely already have in your closet to begin with. Look for comfortable slacks, formal looking shirts, maybe a blazer or so, and a comfortable pair of shoes, if you can throw that in the mix.

Aim to get some kind of elevation for your camera perspective.

Bring a ladder or a step tool along with you so that you can get a higher angle for your camera view.

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Business Tips For Wedding Photography

Full time or part time job

wedding photography tipsKeep a full time or a part time job on the side while you are still growing your wedding photography business. one of the biggest challenges that you will ever come to face while you are still in the process of starting and building up your wedding photography business is the concern of being able to keep things afloat while you are still waiting for clients to book you. This can be a very trying and nerve wracking time and more often than not, at least for the first two years of you opening up shop, you will not be getting a lot of bookings because you still have not spent enough time for you to be able to build up a dependable pipeline for events booked and repeat or referral customers.

Having another steady source of income on the side will help you take the edge off things knowing that your basic needs are all covered and taken care of at some point or so. A job that will get to keep you busy is also something that will help you take your mind off of things while you are waiting for that first big break to help you springboard your wedding photography career until you gain some kind of success out of it. There are a lot of people out there who have maintained full time or part time jobs as well as a wedding photography business on the side. This is something that you should work on achieving one way or the other if you really want to make it in this business.


You will be surprised where your big wedding photography breaks will come from. The best breaks come from the most surprising of sources and at the end of the day, it is something that you should watch out for at some point or so. Always be ready to talk to anyone and everyone. Make sure that you have a nice and clean stash of business cards stacked up and always pretty much ready to go. Be ready to hand out your business cards during wedding events, during symposiums and soirees, and even during regular days when you are not expecting to run across people you might book one way or the other. The point of the matter is that you can never really be too prepared for anything so make sure that you are always prepared every time you walk out of the door.


Seek constant feedback for the quality of your work. One of the best ways for you to continuously improve on your wedding photography skills is for you to seek constant feedback and constructive criticism from your fellow photography professionals. Join forums online and community groups so that you can learn about the things you did right and the things that you might have done better in some of your finished projects. Keep an open mind and do not take offense so easily. Instead, use the things you hear as fuel for a better and for a more improved you.

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