Do’s and Don’t’s in Wedding Photography Yorkshire

wedding photography yorkshireIn wedding photography Yorkshire there is bound to be a lot of back and forth between the couple and the photographer on what the eventual output should be. During this back and forth, it is expected that both parties clearly state their stand to prevent future problems and that is why it is often advised that a mutually beneficial contract be signed by both parties before the cooperation starts. However, over the course of the consultation before the wedding and the actual coverage of the wedding by the photographer the following are expected do’s and dont’s that both parties should abide by.

  • Carry each other along

It is expected that the couple will want to have certain pictures in their wedding album and to ensure that this happens, it is advised the couple inform the photographer. In cases like this, both parties ought to sit down and discuss the shot list of the wedding. A shot list is typically a list of pictures the couple wants included in their album. The photographer generally provides input and how achievable the expectations are and how he intends to achieve them according to the requirements set by the couple. In this case, both parties have to willingly collaborate.

There have been instances where couples expected the photographer to automatically know what they want and the photographer on the other hand prepares a shot list without the input of the couple. This should not be the case seeing as both parties are responsible for the outcome of the images.

  • Do not make changes with notice to the other party

For couples, you already informed the photographer that the wedding will take place in a certain venue in Yorkshire hence the hiring of wedding photography Yorkshire. But, due to unforeseen circumstances, the wedding is now being held outside Yorkshire. Make sure you inform the photographer ahead of time. Most photographers are not open to traveling as that is an added cost on its own. Unless you are willing to pay extra for this service so do not expect the photographer to be willing to tag along based on the former agreement.

Also, for photographers, if you feel that a certain style of photography demanded by the couple will not work well with their theme, do not change the style at you own will. Ensure you inform the couple of the reasons why they ought to try out another style. You do not want to be held liable for any displeasure the couple feels for the pictures you take due to the change of style without their knowledge.

  • Always communicate

The key to a successful partnership is communication. When both parties in mutually beneficial arrangement open the lines of communication to each other, it becomes easier to achieve the set purpose of the arrangement. In terms of communication, both parties need to clearly state out what they expect and how they hope the other party can help in achieving it. If both parties know where they stand, cooperation becomes a lot easier.

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