Gaining Experience as a Wedding Photographer

Convince people.

wedding photography tipsStarting off as a wedding photographer can be a tough call and it can be an uphill climb in the beginning. It can be quite hard to convince people to entrust you to properly and expertly document the most important days in their lives when they know for a fact that you have not really had any experience when it comes to shooting weddings just yet. No one will willingly pay you tons of money just so that their wedding can turn out to be your guinea pig, your maiden voyage, your pilot episode, and so on and so forth. The bottomline is that people will always look for a wedding photographer who has a comprehensive portfolio. They want to go for someone who really knows what he is doing and who has been tested and has proven time and time again that he really can deliver everything that he promises to deliver for as far as being a wedding photographer is concerned. As a newbie, you don’t have any of that advantage and this can turn out to be a real problem for you if you don’t do anything about it. You should actively work on improving your work experience and try to soak up as much real world knowledge and wisdom as you possibly can.

Apply for internship.

The best source of experience is technically by applying for internships. If you are a photography student, it would be best to consult the school’s admin board to see if they have any new internships up for grabs. If not, you can always check online. People are always posting stuff online. Make sure that you join all of the right groups and forums related to wedding photography because that’s always a pretty good place for you to start. Just a word of advice though, don’t expect to get paid a lot, or to get paid at all for these internships. Most of these internships are pro bono work. This means that you will most likely not get a dime out of it. You do get to have experience and a shining addition to your resume though and that will be a step up compared to your old resume which most likely had nothing in it. You will get to work under the supervision and the tutelage of a true professional wedding photographer and there are so many techniques and little tidbits of wisdom that can be gleaned from that particular interaction. That is always something that you can look forward to at the end of the day.

Reach out.

Another source of experience is for you to reach out to the other more established wedding photographers in your area and try to ask if they will be willing to take you in either for a reduced rate or for free. Again, what you are after here is not money but the aspect of gaining the appropriate kind and amount of experience so that you will be able to launch a career as a wedding photographer in the long run. Most of these professional teams might be short staffed, especially during the wedding season so just try to dig around until you hit something. Visit also websites like for inspiration on wedding photography.

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