How to Shoot in a Wedding Reception

Derby wedding photographerAfter the ceremony, the evening does not end until every party till the last drop. The wedding reception starts with the beautiful bride and handsome groom slice the cake elegantly. Everyone enjoys their meals and the performances that have been prepared.

First dance

Afterward, the first dance moment. The most romantic dance of the day filled with friends both encouraging and embarrassing the couple.

Throughout this though, a Derby wedding photographer faces a lot of problems trying to get the right picture. It starts from where the best position is to have the pictures taken down to how to best light the people and room up. Let’s first start with the performances.

A wedding photographer must be prepared by having the itinerary beforehand. Ask your client if you were not given one the day before the wedding. You want to know what is going to happen and on the wedding day, you have to enter the reception hall earlier than everyone else. You need to imagine how the shows will be carried out and where the couple will sit.

Next, you place extra lighting equipment where necessary. If the room is going to be dark and you know that the show will go on until late at night, you need to be able to see things when you need to. For example, you want to take pictures of the couple enjoying their meal and you want it to be bright. Yet, the flash should not disturb other guests and you have to use a diffuser.

You can check out some pictures done by a Derby wedding photographer from It is not easy but having a reference can help you imagine how to best capture these moments.

Remember that the best picture isn’t always the one lit bright. It can be a romantic silhouette of the people that you see or just a beautiful bokeh of the party. It also depends on how the party is going to be like and that is why we say that you need to know the itinerary.

Next is your own dinner. During the time that you eat, you won’t be able to take pictures and to make it as effective as possible, ensure that your seat is not far from the party. Tell your clients that you need to be close to jump into action when necessary. It is not the food that matters anyway, but your position. Make sure you cut your eating time short, so you can move on and take pictures again.

You need to keep an eye on the couple as they walk around the party hall and mingle with others.

You follow them, but you don’t make them feel uncomfortable because of that. Remember to remain discreet about it and mute your shutter sound if possible.

During the process, also pay attention to the family members of the couple. A lot of couples feel like they get too few pictures of their parents as everyone forgets about it. A professional Derby wedding photographer must pay attention to things like this as well.

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