Run Out of Ideas In Your Jobs as Grand Rapids Photographers?

Grand Rapids photographersFor Grand Rapids Photographers, there is never truly a lack of photography subjects. While your job may have come to a stalemate, you really just need a bit of inspiration to get you back up on your feet. There are many places around Grand Rapids to photograph.

If you are bored or tired of the same old photo stops and routines, then here is a list of places you should stop by. There may be a photo or two waiting to be taken that you hadn’t thought of yet.

  • Brandford Nature Center

Nature is always an ideal subject, and this place is run by it. If you follow their guidelines and policies for photographers, then they will have no problems with letting you take a few photos. Or however many you want, really, especially if you capture their best and finest qualities.

  • Ada Covered Bridge

This bridges would be an ideal spot for a pose or two. The scenery and overhangs could be ideal for any image your wide imagination and vast inspiration can come up with.

  • Downtown Rockford

This shopping district is unique in itself, leaving a heart-felt impression in your photo and your subjects. Capturing the natural everyday life and on-goings at this district is certain to spike some amount of imagination in any viewer.

  • Fallasburg Park

Any park is a good place for photography. Some photographers agree that more greenery is better, but it is always a matter of preference. Nature is more than just flowers and grass, after all. The river here is a prime example, and will add a lovely touch to any scene you wish to create, or even just capture as it happens.

  • Warren Townsend Park

Scenic and easy to reach, Townsend is ideal for pine themed pictures. It is, after all, a pine plantation. It should be featured, especially considering how well taken care of these beautiful trees are.

  • Spring Groves Park

Tall trees for 16 acres, a natural area with amazing spring flowers and equally beautiful winter scenery, a trellis made for wedding ceremonies… this is an ideal event park, which makes it even more ideal for the photographer.

  • Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Another Park? Yes! When it comes to Grand Rapids photographers, parks are an ideal setting. This place is renowned for its sculpture and landscapes, which makes it more than perfectly ideal for any photo. Whether you decide to have some models pose or just take some pictures of the landscaping, these images will undoubtedly turn out stunningly.

  • Provin Trails

Yes, even hiking trails contain great photo content. If you haven’t yet, give them a try!

  • Newaygo State Park

Yes, yet another park. However, this one doubles as a campground. It features Hardy Dam Pond, which is a beautiful sight for any lens.

  • Grand Ravines

The name is self-explanatory, but the Grand Ravines is more than meets the eye. They will prove their own beauty to any camera.

  • Wittenbach Wege Center

Every bit of scenery here is worth placing a camera in front of. Just look around here, and I guarantee you will find something.

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