Photography: What Makes That Person Suitable

asian wedding photographyWhen you look at portfolios and interview photographers, all of them looked good that you think it’s okay to just go with anyone. However, for your Asian wedding photography to proceed successfully, you need to make sure that your photographer has the experience and understanding of it.

Experience or Asian

Asian culture is a different culture compared to westerns. There are a lot of things that you know westerns usually don’t understand. For example, some taboos should not be done during a marriage procession. Even in taking pictures, a certain number, color or composition of it should be paid attention to.

You don’t have the liberty to explain all this to your photographer and other vendors. There are a lot of preparations you need to pay attention to, so it’s best to find someone who already understands or is also an Asian.

Photography skills

A photographer who’s also gone into multiple competitions and training is also better. Such person is more likely to always update his skills and the newest trend. The style of a photographer from 5 years ago is different to now. From camera technology to editing tools, you’d only want the best. Usually, photographers will put up their certificates on their website or in the studio when you come to visit.

Portfolios are also some things you can judge his skills from. It’s the more obvious choice to use when you want to see if the photographer is good. However, it can be a bit tricky as most photographers put up their best pictures. You need to have them show you their other works to judge more fairly.

But if we can say something, Asian wedding photography by is one of the best. It’s because they have been maintaining their work quality and what you see in their portfolios is common.


It’s important for the photographer to not only be skilled in photography but also know how to become a friend for you. You will be having him as a photographer for a whole day and many other guests will also be there. Your photographer will be taking a lot of pictures of people he first saw.

Your parents also need to be able to meet them before the wedding day. Preferably, invited on the rehearsal day. But before that, you need to confirm that you like his company and won’t be troubled to have this person take hundreds and even thousands of your pictures on that day.

This should also be true when you consult with them. A good photographer is someone who will try his best to help the clients by providing reassurance, solutions, and advice. Even though he isn’t an expert in wedding coordination, there might little tips and hints he can give for you. There are also experiences of a photographer that saved his client when the booth never showed up.


A photographer that is confident when talking to you is easier to put trusts in. Thus, you are less likely to try to control him. It also shows he knows what he’s doing and you don’t have to worry that much.

Asian wedding photography is quite the niche in the photography area, but the right person will get you the right pictures.

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