Why Fine Art Wedding Photography is for You

fine art wedding photographyThere are a lot of wedding photography style, such as reportage, formal, and fine art wedding photography. Each of us, although we’re not that much into art, has a preference and our own perspective in deciding what is ‘beautiful’. Our brain works differently.

Below, we’ll be focusing on the reasons why you should search for a photographer that focuses on fine art for your wedding. None top over the others, but for you, this will help you get the wedding pictures that you’ll really want.

What it is

First, we’d like you to understand what fine art is. It’s basically a type of photography that focuses on the visual beauty of things. So, if a wedding photographer does fine art style of taking pictures of things, that means she focuses on the beauty of the moment and takes it from the best angle possible.

Lots of people find fine art pictures are gorgeous and even mesmerizing. If you want to make your friends jealous, fine art is very powerful to do that.

Gorgeous and mesmerizing

That’s right, the strongest point of fine art is that it focuses on the beauty of the moment and immortalizing that moment into the picture. It’s not an easy thing to do, but if you find one that is capable to pull this off, you’re in great hands.

Most fine art pictures are worthy to be made as wallpapers and printed and put in a huge frame. You’d love to hang them in your living room.


Fine art wedding photography by www.juliaandyou.com is a great example. Julia does fine art at a level that couples can definitely relate to. If you Google for fine art wedding photography, you’ll see a lot of weird pictures that you’ll find a hard time understanding.

With wedding pictures though, the ‘sophisticated’ tone has to be brought down. So, photographers will mostly focus on the beauty of the moment, instead of trying to fix couple into a pose that photographers like.

You’ll notice there will be a lot of smiles and awkward laughter in your pictures because that single moment of just you and your partner is too beautiful to miss. That’s the kind of pictures you’ll see.

Integrate with reportage

Fine art wedding photography can still be integrated with reportage style pictures. It’s not impossible at all. Fine art focuses on the beauty, while reportage focuses on the candid and flow of time.

Reportage is a style of photography that focuses on capturing things according to the flow of time to tell a story. So, if your photographer is able to do fine art wedding photography and still stick with capturing things to complete the storyline, you will definitely love how your beautiful wedding album doesn’t simply show the beauty but also the story of the wedding.

Most photographers do this and it’s not a hard thing to do if your photographer is professional. Fine art in itself requires much skill from the photographer to be as unobtrusive to the wedding as possible. So, if beauty is something you really prioritize, fine art is a great choice for you.

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