Make Clients Want Those Videos

wedding videography MelbourneIt’s not easy to make someone interested in you in mere seconds, but that’s how the current business works. Since it’s something that clients themselves realize they need to be serious about, you have a couple of seconds on each page to attract people that visit your sites.

How to make them love you for those few seconds and think about booking your wedding videography Melbourne service?


People like it when sites are seamless. Meaning, they have to be very well-optimized and loads within seconds. Scrolling through the page shouldn’t lag even when pictures are shown around, which is something that you need to use often.

Loading sample wedding videos should also be made as easy as possible. Using familiar players is what many clients like to do, such as uploading the video to YouTube and copying the embedded link to your site.

Short, but memorable

The sample videos don’t have to be long. You don’t need to upload a full-length video of your previous works up there. Unlike photographers that can just take out some of the best pictures and show them, you cannot simply choose the best clip and upload it to the site.

It means you need to create a trailer, which you should’ve done for your previous clients before. Upload those trailers for portfolios and spell out several details under it. You can talk about the venue, the couple or how the wedding party was. If there’s any detail that is worth mentioning that appears in the trailer, talk about it and let future potential clients know.

Prepare a team

In time, you will see that having a team will help you operate more effectively and gain even better clips from the wedding. Like wedding videography Melbourne by, you’ll be able to accomplish more. However, this doesn’t mean that you should bring the whole squad to every wedding video job!

When the condition requires it, yes, bring more people to supplement the work. But if it’s something that you can do on your own, stick to begin a solo cameraman. Results tend to come out best when there’s little disruption in the video. You won’t stick out too much and everything around you can roll on more naturally without being distracted by you.

You can show this whole team, then, on your site and if possible explain the expertise of each member. It helps people understand how you work in a short glance.

Open up for discussion

Never let the choices end at what you can provide. Always mention that you’re open to negotiation, customization, discussion, consultation, whatever they want to call it. Let them feel that you’re someone that will listen to their concern and readily prepare what fits their needs the most.

Sometimes, clients want that wedding videography Melbourne package, but without that one feature because they don’t think they need it. It’ll be easier for them to approach you if you add up that it’s always possible to create their own package. Allow your contact number to exist on every page right on landing. Don’t make it that they even have to scroll to find it; it has to be static so clients can always see it.

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